Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random Thoughts - A photo journal

I've been a lazy lazy blogger recently. Finding the time to actually sit and write has been a challenge for the first time in months. I'm sure that's not true, there must have been moments that I did more than just posted links to cool things online so that I wouldn't have to actually deal with content - it just seems like it's been too long.

I'm trying to remind myself of this moment in December. I knew the March blaws were coming and yet I made no provisions to deal with the blaw vaccuum that comes with them. At every turn I find crankiness and moodiness. Moooooody.

Mayhaps this picture will cheer me up. Just over a year ago we got a kitty who inherited J's personality.

Luckily my cat, Lenin, was around to teach the Smudge how to spoon. For the knitters: yes that is a crocheted blanket underneath them. I was a crocheter first.
Of course, this is the moment that Smudge and J became fast friends.

Oh my god, maybe I need to go and fake and bake for a few minutes...just to get a fix you know what I'm saying? This picture was taken at White's Falls up the lake from our cottage. I'M DYING FOR THAT MUCH HEAT.

My Auntie Anne and kindred spirit. Don't make me explain it. This was taken at the cottage and dear god if I had a dollar for every picture taken of a member of the family in this pose (ie: with a Chonger)...well, I'd wouldn't be working. I miss this lady.

Oh the fun that we have oh the fun fun fun fun.

I have no freaking clue why I don't have any more pictures of Dan and Jess but while you look at this fuzzy piece of love imagine the three of us in some dirt ass bar in Montreal with full pitchers of St. Amboise on our heads getting a table of frat boys to join us. They clean up nice. AND LOOK THERE IS FOLIAGE! Sorry that's the rambling of a desperate woman.

My Mimi and my Mom. I have nothing to say. They made me what I am today. For the knitters: my Mimi knit that sweater - she taught me no less than SIXTEEN THOUSAND TIMES how to knit before she told me I was on my own. My Gramma Great crocheted that blanket. I come from a long line.


Heather said...

Smudge looks just like my Sadie! And Lenin looks like my Olive. Get a black one and an orange tabby and I'll be totally freaked out.

I like the photo journal :)

aviva said...

Aaah, life at the cottage. I can't wait. Last night was lovely. How did the movie end? Like I need to ask.

Kelly said...

Thanks again for meeting me for the Fiona Ellis book (love it!). After touching your silk/seacell yarn, I was coveting it so badly I had to hit Lettuce Knit to get my own.

Man, I can't wait for summer either. Only a week and a half till spring and I can already smell the earthy wormy goodness!

Melanie said...

Damn. I wish I could wear a bikini.

I love all these pics and I can't wait for summer either.