Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The Thank God It's Pay Day Edn:

What are my "I was so good for the past two weeks" treats? This and this and I'm going to invest the spindling workshop at the frolic taught by Lorraine Smith and then I'll be done. A total of: $100.00 (when you include the fleece I'll need to spin). Am excited.

1. Coldplay, Garden State: Don't Panic
2. The Magnetic Fields, 69 Love Songs, Vol 1: Come Back From San Franscisco
3. Laura Cantrell, Not the Tremblin Kind: Churches off the Interstate
4. Broken Social Scene/Emily Haines, Bee Hives: Backyards
5. Martha Wainwright, Bloody Motherfucking Asshole: When the Day is Short
6. OK Go, Oh No: Invincible
7. Mono Puff, Unsupervised: What Bothers the Spaceman
8. Stars, Set Yourself On Fire: Sleep Tonight
9. The Arcade Fire, Funeral: Une Annee Sans Lumiere
10. Calexico, Ballad of Cable Hogue Sdtrk: Ballad of Cable Hogue (french)

1 comment:

Rachel H said...

Excellent treat choices. Denny was telling me yesterday what a fabulous teacher Lorraine is, but I have to wait to find out what the party plans are for my nephew's first birthday before I'll know if I can go or not, and by then the class'll probably be full.

Good thing I'm treating myself to MDSW this year, just in case. :o)