Sunday, March 26, 2006

For the love of competition and winning..

I've been known to have a touch of competition running through my veins. If there isn't anyone around to compete with I will compete with myself or people from my past. I'm just that crazy. Recently, I've really tried hard to curb this unceasing need to BEAT EVERYONE AT EVERYTHING.

Yoga is helpful now that I stopped trying to out stretch everyone else and learned to meditate. I've stopped playing video games in group settings and I've put down the Jenga block for a time out.

On Friday when I went to the dentist and had my annual physical I realized that my hygiene and health habits are existing solely to give the finger to my healthcare professionals. I floss every day and brush three times a day so that my dental hygienist HAS NO AMMO. I lost 15 lbs and quit smoking so that my doctor had nothing to nag me about. Although she has recently started ruining red wine for me and I refuse to give it up.

I'm 31 years old and I've never had a cavity, caught an STD or gotten sick on Tequila (although Tequila gave me a run for my money on Saturday night) I may get a business card made up with that tag line.

I'm a modern day Wonder Woman of hygiene. Doctors and dentists feel ambivalent about me for the lack of money I pay them and gingivitis germs fear me!


krista said...

Hey- Nice design lady!

I don't believe you. I think you are 25. Otherwise, thanks for the chuckle.

Heather said...

Oh God...Tequila. Just the thought makes me want to barf. I haven't had any since my margarita incident last June. Ugh.

Rachel H said...

See, now the competitive, um, I mean warm and friendly and inviting part of Me wants to you invite you to come and play with my almost 5 yo germ magnet, I mean son, for a few hours. In a small room with no open windows.

Jen said...

Hey Rachel - I'll bring my game and take on your rodent's - i mean beautiful offspring's - germs!!! I used to live with 2 small kids who were in public school am now impervious to the germs.

Heather - I've worked hard at maintaining a healthy respect for the power of Tequila...Saturday night was close...

Krista - There's another design I want but am having a hard time getting the template to behave in blogger...hopefully this week the hole will be freshened for spring :c)