Sunday, February 26, 2006

Winter Loving

February and March are such a brutal months. My January high has worn off and the reality of the tail end of winter hits me with full brunt of its blahs. It will never end and Toronto will never have enough snow downtown for us to actually have fun in the cold. These are my most detested months.

In an effort to fight off the hibernatory tendancies of these dry humping days we went up north on Saturday. This is my friend Melissa. She loves winter - not only does she love it but she finds adventure in it. Melissa inspired me to take up the banner of snowshoeing. I haven't gone since gym class in Manitouwadge AND THEY DON'T WEIGH 30 LBS EACH ANYMORE. Man it was fun.

There were six of us including a little honeypot. Haley loved the air and the exercise- at 10 months her mom got most of the exercise. It was just what the doctor ordered for me. So. very. satisfying. I haven't slept well in weeks and the fresh air and exercise knocked me on my ass - it was spectacular.

Is there anything cuter than a baby who has been out in the fresh air for hours! WARNING: This picture may induce ovulation.

Things to know:

Mountain Equipment Co-Op rents snowshoes. If you keep the receipt they will discount the rental fee off of the price of a pair of shoes when you buy them!

Albion Hills is only 45 minutes north of Toronto. The snowshoe trail isn't very extensive but you can go low risk bushwacking off the trail.


Heather said...

I miss when I lived in Vermont for 1 winter and would go snowshoeing every chance I got.

It was 80F here yesterday. You should come visit.

Samantha said...

Winter hasn't been snowy anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe area this year ... We still have March though, right?

Please keep the ovulation inducing photos to yourself. My husband would kill me if I ovulated at the wrong time. *lol* *wink*

I love MEC!!

krista said...

Hey, I clicked on what your listening to, and discovered Joel Plasket from Thrush Hermit is playing with Sarah Harmer. What a weird combo. I loved Thrush Hermit.

krista said...

Maybe if I could stop being lazy I'd go snowshoeing. That's a good idea.

Jean-Anne said...

is there a way to edit a blog entry after it has been posted?

Jen said...

Hi Jean Anne - Log in to the blog, Click Edit Postings - the only post you'll be able to edit is your own - it will open up and you can edit to your hearts desire.

If you're talking about comments...alas and alack they is permanent (unless you delete them)