Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rocking the Rhino since 1974

Dearest Will;

When you're alone and feeling lonely on your loooooooong trip to Auckland remember our night together at the Rhino.

This forehead licking we dedicate to you for without the "It's Will's going away party" inspired Jagermeister shots and hobbit leaf that we so very much enjoyed on Friday night this picture might never have happened. The world, nay the interweb would be a much colder place without this picture - it may be our next Christmas photo.

We'll miss you and remember - Merino, 100% Merino - there is always room for merino.


Jen and Jay


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how forehead licking can look classy when you are wearing a Clapotis!

Secret Pal

Rachel H said...

I'm either really proud to know you or somewhat worried about you. Haven't decided which just yet.

Steph said...

Nice clapotis. Way to use that tongue.

And New Zealand merino is lovely.

krista said...

Hilarious, I just commented on my site in response to your comment regarding Destroyer... Don't love them, but I totally dig The New Pornographers, then I come here to your site and see that The New Pornographers are what you're listening to now. Bizarro.

They are playing in Toronto... this week I think. I wish I could go.

Thanks for the link. I will be spending some time checking it out. It never dawned on me to go to the cbc website for music.

Stephanie said...

Hey Jen...are you the Jen who just found out that my sister owns the Old York?
(email for more details.)

Cutie said...

love the forhead lick with the classy clapotis - you keep us on our toes Jen!

Erin said...

that's love man. true, forehead licking, love. rawr

Auntie Amanda said...

Jager shots, hobbit leaf and forhead licking...and all this time I thought those three things were only cohabitating in MY house!