Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pillow talk or excerpts from conversations had while sleeping

Keep in mind that generally when people sleep talk they are actually having these conversations in their dreams and end up waking themselves up. Sunday night around 2:30am after finalizing the location of the Knitting Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Me: Are we still friends or have you crossed me off my list?

J (who always says the right thing): Of course, we're still friends we'll always be friends - Locked in - remember?

Me (after a minute): But are we KNITTERLY friends?

J (laughing hard): What does that even mean?

Me (waking up and realizing how insane my subconcious really is): Nothing, never mind....


Must take time out and go to the gym - clearly all this Knitting Olympic training is getting problematic. Maybe a support group for non knitting partners of olympic knitters needs to be organized.


Cutie said...

You are too funny! I so do this same thing... but have never been able to get DH to remember them enuf to write it all out!!

I am adding you to my "blogs I haunt" list, whether you like it or not... I am going to consume your wittiscms on a daily basis.. I hope you go with ketchup...


Sophia said...

Since we've begun participating in (in his words) various knitting cabals, t's holding out hope for a knitting widowers' support group. He figures so far potential candidates are J, girl-gone-wild's husband J and himself. I suspect there would be many more takers.

And your J is just so darn lovely, inn'e?