Monday, February 13, 2006

The inexorable march toward Adult Responsibility has begun

Topics discussed over brunch with girlfriends in early twenties:

a) Oral Sex - Giving and receiving - the benefits of both
b) Amount of tequila consumed before crane climbing is a necessary activity
c) Number of lovers had since virginity was lost (I think I lost it somewhere in Northern Ontario - let me know if you find it)
d) Virtues of horseradish in a properly made Caesar.
e) Classes offered at Good for Her including: Blow Jobs: Learn to love giving them and Stripping for your Lover...(or yourself while listening to the soundtrack of Chicago while
f) My lesbionic quotient - Am I still in the game?

Topics discussed over brunch with girlfriends last weekend:

a) How to effectively consolidate your debt while saving for the future.
b) The virtues of RRSP contributions - primarily focussing on first home purchase and tax refunds
c) Scheduling sex with your monogamous partner post cohabitation - the importance of body stockings and aforementioned courses taken while in twenties.
d) The sequence of pregnancies in the next two years amongst girlfriends
e) Career planning and evolution: From the project room to the midwife program
f) Weight loss - the benefits of a weight lifting regime tempered with a regular yoga practise.
g) My lesbionic quotient - Could I still be in the game if I wanted to be?


Heather said...

You are just too funny. Pretty early for such big words. LOL

Steph said...

That list is rather depressing (since I'm firmly in list two and beyond).

Though it's nice to know both our virginities are lost somewhere in Northern Ontario.

Jill said...

I think you could still be in the game if you wanted to be!

krista said...

So true. Sigh.

Have you added ailments to the list though? Like sore backs, necks, etc... Then you're in trouble.