Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Max!

You are so lucky to have such amazing parents and family. Also, it amazes me that you've cornered the market on cuteness - I thought my own nieces and nephews had it covered.

Be careful not to suck on the antennae - I think that they may have soaked up some of the chile oil from my fingers as I finished them after chopping the chiles for salsa...

In Olympic news, I've started knitting with my left hand! Doing this colour work reqires, nay, demands it. J watched me doing this and asked if I was trying to ensure that if I had a stroke I'd still be able to knit....that's just a fringe benefit.


Jill said...

Now that I've seen your Canada sock, I'm a little jealouse that I haven't gotten my act together and started mine!

Anonymous said...

I've recently tried two-handed knitting too, and my left arm is killing me now. I think it even made my right hand knitting worse.
I'm just not coordinated enough for this kind of thing!