Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Random Ten - The DPN Loyalty Edition

I have a new rule – I shall use my hair as double pointed needle (dpn) storage Only At Home (Elliot Brood). The Fates have finally gotten the message through to me. I have crossed The Line (Bruce Springsteen – The Ghost of Tom Joad) of knitting and dpn etiquette. As of Tuesday night I had lost one of my new dpn’s a record three times. Each time the likelihood of recovery decreased exponentially.

The first time I lost the needle I didn’t even know that the package had five needles so I didn’t even notice. My coworker found it on the floor of her office the day after I cast on my Olympic Knitting.

The second time I lost it was in a dark bar surrounded by 50 debauched knitters. At that point I was prepared to say good-bye like you would when you found out Your Ex-Lover is Dead(Stars – Set yourself on Fire)

The third time she went missing was on Tuesday when I went to the Naked Sheep to see if the new Sea Silk had arrived yet. I was knitting my Olympic sock on the streetcar when I passed the Self Serve Gas Station (Rheostatics – Whale Music) on Queen St. I put the sock away in my bag and the needle away in my hair. I then forgot about the needle and took my hair out of the bun to put on my toque.

Inside the warm goodness that is the Naked Sheep I totally forgot about the needle. I was so excited to formally meet Lorena and stalk Denny that the needle just slipped out of my conscious mind. Lorena gave me a line on a bakery for Valentine’s Day and an ETA on the sea silk . I told her that Any Day Will be Fine(Mojave 3 – Excuses For Travellers) if she wanted to call me to tell me it had arrived.

On my way to Zane Patisserie the idea that I Still Miss Someone(Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison) came into my mind. I put it down to excitement about the meat fondue and risotto that my ManBoy and I were going to have for dinner. It’s our first year of being legitimate and we’re both still pretty Head Over Feet(Alanis Morrissette– Jagged Little Pill) excited to be around each other. He makes me laugh pretty hard.

The poor lost needle was gone from my mind until 4 hours later when I went to knit during The Daily Show and I realized that she had been dropped and lost AGAIN at some random point in the day. She was in some part of town sad, lonely and cold without my Olympic knitting and her siblings. I grieved her loss because…well, even I had to admit that there was no chance of recovery.

Two days later I get an email from an intermediary telling me that someone at the Naked Sheep not only found my needle BUT KNEW THAT SHE BELONGED TO ME (also that the Sea Silk was in). I was Absolutely Cuckoo (The Magnetic Travelers – 69 Love Songs Vol. I) to know that it seemed impossible to permanently lose this needle.

Considering that I didn’t even know I had it in the beginning Every time I have five needles it feels like a surprise and a completely undeserved blessing. I’ve named her Pearl and on this day I made a vow to her: I Don’t Want To Get Over You(The Magnetic Travellers – 69 Love Songs Vol. I).

Unused Random Song: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight – The Postal Service – Give Up

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