Wednesday, February 08, 2006

First Day of Judgement in 2006

Click the angry unicorn to see more unbelievable knitted pieces! UNBELIEVABLE.

That's right folks, it's been awhile since I've had a good old fashioned day of here we go on the train ride that is my rage and irritation. It's the TTC Edition.

a )Dear Man in business suit on the streetcar - Doing a logger blow of your nose on the floor of the streetcar during rush hour is the equivalent of taking a petri dish of the flu and making people lick it. If I get sick again in the next 4 days - I will find you and yes, I will break you.

b) Oh sweet small Asian grandfather I promise I will get on the streetcar and you will get a seat there is no reason to push on my lower back with all the force of someone who is trying to get on the lifeboat of the Titanic. BACK OFF.

c) Dear drunken twenty something. Just because you feel anonymous in the big city and you will likely not see anyone you know on the subway DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS OK TO GO MINING IN YOUR NOSE. What are you doing with the product?!?!


Please understand folks. I was a treeplanter for 3 years I've done the logger blow and the nose mining - extensively. But never in a place that thousands of people access daily. Folks, your nose is a cleansing vessel for your body, all the germs get held up there in your snot to protect your health.

DON'T LEAVE IT IN PUBLIC PLACES. We'll all be healthier for your efforts.

Thank you.


Heather said...

People are so freaking disgusting.

Samantha said...

While I can't help but agree with your post I must say this one thing: Eeeeeeeeeew.

Cutie said...

hahahahahah.... ick.

Melanie said...

I just gagged. Thanks Jen.

Erin said...

ok. this is totally un-related. but laura, I and umm this lady whose name I cannot remember showed up at Paupers after snb and you were not there. WHERE WERE YOU? it was cold man. gah.

Jen said...

DUDE! that little miss someone told me that you weren't going to come..

ah, MAN!

five12 wannabe said...

That gory knitting art is HILARIOUS!!!!!

Sandie said...

Um ... isn't the knitting art really crocheted?