Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Calendar Girls

I've met some pretty cool people on this adventure that is the Knitting Olympics. Amy is hugging me even though I'd been sweating all night in my jersey and was pretty ripe by this point.

She looks disturbed. I heart her sarcasm.

So I had a sick day yesterday I must have caught Denny's cold - during the day I watched 8 HOURS OF OLYMPIC COVERAGE. Did you guys see the Norwegian coach give the Canadian X country skier a new pole. I love that shit man.

I had to rip out the Canada sock almost to the point I was at at the pub night. I've reknit it and am ready to move on to the heel. I'm still in the game although not bruised I feel a bit like the Chinese pairs skaters - well a little less hard core but I almost gave up there for a second.

Pictures and updates later tonight.


maggieBB said...

I am jealous of your 8 hours of olympic viewing :|

Steph said...

You mean you flew into the air, did the splits and landed on your knees?

Hope the needles weren't breaking your fall.

Jen said...


Erin said...

ok dude. my blog is http://invisiblecapsize.blogspot.com

i do not trust you to find it yourself. ditcher. gah.