Saturday, February 11, 2006

And they're off

to the races!

At 2:00 pm my teammate Linda and I cast on our Olympic knitting projects and by 3:07 pm I was here

The opening ceremony pub night came off spectacularly. I had big plans to have loot bags for everyone and place settings etc but then realized, well, I had a full time job. No one seemed to miss them:

The jersey shot - I swear Maria and I were in deep debate over the spelling of Il

There were somewhere around 50 knitters at the Duke of York pub on Friday night - it BLEW MY MIND.

Speaking of blowing...Denny got herself a little BJ as well. Little known fact folks. KNITTERS ARE FILTHY DIRTY.

And this was before things got crazy! I fell in love with Erin at this moment. Seriously, Erin, call me - I'll meet you at Paupers....I swear it!

Rachel H FOUND MY DPN. That's right folks I lost a brand new 2mm needle shortly after my 3rd pint o' Guiness. I heart Rachel H.

By around midnight I started to get tired and a little burnt out so I took my little crashing ass home. You know there was a lot of planning and emailing to get this event off the ground - I always find the next day to be a bit of a bummer. But when I got home I found this from my Secret Pal!

I shall be enjoying my hot chocolate while watching the Pink Panther this afternoon. THANKS SECRET PAL!


krista said...

You got some great pictures Jen!

I got that book from my secret pal too, I am loving it.

I look forward to seeing you again soon,

Sophia said...

Seems that you were meant to read it, huh?

Reminds me of a weird (but inexplicably dirtier) coincidence 2 weeks ago when Tom lent his book "Latin Sexual Vocabulary" to a friend, and the very next day in her Latin class the prof waved around same book and announced that if they were interested in off-colour Latin poetry, this was the smut bible they needed.

Thanks for all your hard work last night!

Erin said...

jen. thank you for sharing that hot picture of me. seriously. i feel so cool. booyah. see yah at paupers!

Stephanie said...

Oh...I am so bitter.

Dianna said...

What a riot! Next time invite me, okay? It'll only take me a day or so to drive...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like way too much fun!

Enjoy the presents .. . I'd need chocolate if I was Olympic Knitting!

Secret Pal