Friday, February 17, 2006

All the news there is to know

From the Urban Sherpa:
People — tune in to CBC National tonight, for the long-awaited broadcast of a special interest piece on knitting. Among other segments, expect to see footage and interviews from the Rosewater Knit in the City SnB back in November

For highlights from the Rosewater Supper Club event go here.


Anonymous said...

charlotte and I will definitly be watching. How exciting!

Sophia said...


I've gotta get me to a telly somehow.

I also heard on CBC that the Knitting Olympics is going to be on Radio 1's Fresh Air program tomorrow. I missed who, though.

Steph said...

I saw the piece and heard about it on the radio and it was pretty good.

My biggest problem was the news piece that knitting is news because men are doing it. They had a couch with boys and a construction worker knitting, but not the stitchin' bitches that more truly represent the state of the craft.

But I tend to overthink these things (for pay even).

Samantha said...

I missed it! UGH!