Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shut up bitch and make me a samich.

So we went to see the Bodyworlds Exhibit at the Toronto Science Centre last weekend. I have to say it was one of the coolest museum exhibits I've ever seen. What Gunter Von Hagens did was plastinate dead people so that their bodies could be molded and examined. The educational value is obvious.
There was layered body parts, male bodies ski jumping, playing baseball, scratching their balls and generally doing active manly things. It was pretty cool to get that up close and personal. I was tempted to place my head so the testicles were resting on my forehead but then I got shy (or found a hidden reserve of class).

What was a little bit disturbing was that there were four full female bodies on display - doing yoga, ballet dancing, figure skating and one who's body was fully layered out so she looked like one of the aliens in Mars Attacks. Very weird.

The other main female focus was, predictably on her uterus. I wish there was a woman posed like she was fighting a forest fire...OR ANYTHING NON-TRADITIONAL. Ballet dancing is just so....traditional. Feh.

The only thing missing was a female form removing a cake from the oven or making a sandwich.
That stuff gets my knickers twisted pretty quick but all said and done I nerded out over the capillary models. I wish I could have taken pictures.

Some bon mots from the day:

- It's like beef jerkie for zombies
- What, no shboinking models?

Quote of the day:
- 5 year old girl smelling her hands after touching a plastinated human brain, "I don't smell the brain at all Dad."


Anonymous said...

Aj wej, I would say, this von Haagen guy is not exactly what I like, he wanted to make this 'human bodies preparation factory' in Poland - finally there was such an outrage that he resigned. I am not really sure this is of such scientific is more to make money on a controversy. And in addition his daddy, with who he is working on those bodies was a member of the SS forces...ugh..just a bit too much for my taste. hugs from Poland, marta

Jen said...

There didn't seem to be an abnormal amount of controversy surrounding it here...that's interesting. I did find it weird that about 30 minutes in I stopped humanizing the display.

The SS news makes my skin crawl a little bit.

Love the way you make me think dollface!