Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday's are for knitting...

So, contrary to popular belief, I have been knitting. A lot actually. I have pictures and stories and such all ready to be posted up about my own project tonight. But to get you by until then there are some updates in the Dulaan Project from 2005.

From Mossy Cottage Knits:

Per Meredith, the Executive Director of F.I.R.E.:

“[This first set of] images was taken at Kindergarten 59, a particularly poor school. We arrived with our hand-knitted items on the day of the first snow. Most of the children were under-dressed. Being under dressed for school in Mongolia is a big problem. If you are not appropriately clothed, you will be sent home. These children refused to take off their new hand knitted clothing. They were so excited they wore it all day in a very hot building.”

There are more details at the Mossy Cottage site. Ryan organized this project from day one. It's amazing how much has been given as a result of her efforts.

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