Monday, January 16, 2006

How to tell if you are overcomplicating your own life

This morning I mentally went through my list of items necessary for a successful completion of my day (success here is defined by being able to do everything scheduled in my day: gym, knitting etc)

Often this requires a backback, a handbag and a yoga mat but today it only required a yoga matt and two handbags containing:

- sock recipe book and the yarn for new project I'm starting at lunch with some girlfriends
- sock recipe book that I borrowed from one of aforementioned girlfriends
- scarf recipe book that I'm lending to another of aforementioned girlfriends.
- The second Christmas sock for my manboy that I'm going to finish in the next couple of days (YAY) and the first sock to use for comparison
- clothes and mat for yoga after work
- Cell phone, iPod, bus pass and keys

What is missing from this list of accessories? My wallet without which I can't go to yoga OR eat because I was so busy getting all the books and yarn together this morning that I didn't have time to pack my lunch or snacks.

I wonder if it's possible to over accessorize to the point of not being able to function on a basic level. Maybe, but if minimizing my accessories requires leaving the knitting behind then there has to be a better I *really* need the cell phone?

must contemplate this revelation


Anonymous said...

Joe has made me memorize a mantra to say before I leave for work every morning. "wallet, cel phone, keys" over and over again. This was after the last time I made him come by my work with my wallet so I could buy lunch. I don't know what he was complaining about, I paid for his lunch too!

Jen said...

will I see you at the DKC on Wed?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chuck and I have infected you with our cyclical dysfunct virus. The cyclical dysfunct virus is a serious illness whereby total basic modern functioning skills such as remembering the day, wallet, time of flight departure and basic communication skills break down. It surfaces on a cyclical basis and is usually brought on in times of high stress, excitement or when there is major time restraints.
I apologize if I have infected you.

Anonymous said...

Having just come out of one of these cycles I finally got around to paying my tuition. "They" (the evil, evil beaurocracies of academia) wouldn't let me play intramural dodgeball! Take the library privileges, the journal delivery services but back off the dodgeball, people!

Jen said...

i think it's indicative of their opinion of the masters program that they *didn't* freeze your library account just the dodgeball account.

ah dodgeball...:c)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, I just tried to e-mail you (I found your address in my book where you wrote it down ages ago) but it got bounced back to me.

e-mail me at
tapeheads at rogers dot com