Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finally...I've made something that makes me feel hot.

I've always thought that it takes a very specific type of person to knit through the EXTREMELY AWKWARD first 6 to 12 months of learning curve of knitting. There are always exceptions to this rule, but I am not one of them. My creations have been known to inspire comments like "Why hello Paddington" or "Sweetie, I love you, but your aunt, sister and I have tried this on and we can't imagine what kind of a person this might fit"

This has all changed! That's right, I, maker of soft but ill fitting garment has made something that fits AND makes me feel a tickle saucy. The book just adds some naughty librarian chic to the mix. If I wasn't looking so giddy I'd be sultry even with John Belushi looking over my shoulder. Now THAT's a conscience.

Man I LOVE IT. The colours. The way my breasts look. The detailing. I love it. This is made out of Noro, it's the Klaralund that I mentioned here.

My PIC received his first pair of handknit socks this month...and a junkie was born. He has described these (in writing) as feeling like little hugs for his feet. It may have been a ploy to mushify me...but it worked.

I finished the first of a pair of SWF socks (single white female socks) as well as all of the pieces to Squarey. I am a woman on set afire with love of yarn and trying new patterns.

February brings lace and beading challenges as well as the picture of the SWF socks and Squarey! I love the New Year.


tapeheads said...

Oh my God! That looks great.

Sophia said...

You magic, magic woman - I was thinking of you and le sweater today...and there she be! Congratulations! And I'm so borrowing that book now. *studiously ignores half-finished sock #2, half-started sock #1 of pair #2, half-cast-on poncho...*

Jill said...

Jen, the pictures look great - I'm a big fan of the 'hot librarian' look (it helps me pick up boys!)

Melanie said...

Oh my! That's a beautiful Klaralund! Nothing like a sweater that makes the girls look good.

Viv said...

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

And the sweater's nice, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen, I love it! It looks great on you!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater! That is definitely on my "to knit" list . .. as soon as I get the book and the yarn .. . very hot!


Cindy R said...

Hey Jen

I love the sweater! The colours are lovely and it looks great on you! And I love Jason's socks. "little hugs for my feet." how cute is that!


Ps: I'd also like to say I love your "library." We have lots of books shelves and lots of books, but yours are arranged in a matter that puts are hap-hazzard arrangement to shame. :)

krista- the silent k said...

Awesome. I am so glad you finished it. It does look fabulous on you! It serves as good motivation for me. I halfway through the extended garter stitch on the last sleeve of my Klaralund. I am tired of it and just want to wear the thing already.

The colourway I used looks very similar to yours as well.

Maybe we will meet at the knitting olympics toronto pub night. If my klara is done by then I will be wearing it For Sure!

If you wear yours too we can look ridiculous together... ahh I love knitting.

Amy said...

You're nuts... absolutely nuts! I bow to the queen of knitting... Man alive! That sweater looks amazing! And your breasts... in a word - sublime. Nice job!

Teena said...

Great looking sweater!! Good job!