Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can you smell the impending sarcasm

This is my niece Maddy - she is the most perfect of children. Maddy came to stay with my Manboy and I in Toronto this weekend. Unfortunately, she only got here at dinner time on Saturday and had to leave on Sunday but still she managed to demonstrate her disapproval of my wild wild ways.

If she can make this face at age 5 - imagine the looks she'll be tossing around at the age of 14...shudder

She looks quite fierce here but it's only because I challenged her straight up ways. I explained that the string I was using to 'sew' Uncle J's socks was made from Lucy's ear and that was why it was bandaged up so carefully - so that Lucy could make more string dontcha know.

Even thought Mad's and I don't see eye to eye on the silly quotient (I am *much* more silly than she) We both share a unifying love of the sheep.

On that note - my first finished project of 2006. J's Christmas socks!! I knit them in Lorna's Lace - Pinstripe in a simple stockinette pattern. He said that they felt like little hugs for his feet.

I was completely mushified.

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