Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I love January. It's a new year with a whole new set of resolutions. About 5 years ago a friend's manboy told me that he was sick of never achieving his new year's resolution so he started making a list of 50 to 100. Genius manoeuvre. Since then I've adopted his technique. Last year I had a pretty good success rate - close to 55% of my resolutions were adopted.

Here's a list of my resolutions for 2006 including some classics that have been there for years.

1. Continue my thus far successful endeavours in non smoking
2. Lose 25 pounds
3. Get pregnant....that's right I SAID IT (i think this is the most fun resolution - bootay!).
3. Knit lace
4. Learn to live in the moment instead of planning my next moment and ignoring the current
5. Enjoy more live music
6. Try getting back into improv comedy in Toronto
7. Write more snail mail letters to people I love
8. Send more cards
9. Go on an adventure that requires adapting to any semblance of difficult conditions
10. Take a trip off of North America
11. Go camping.
12. Go back to Northern Ontario for a visit
13. Get a bike (again - fucking bike thieves)
14. Read more CanLit
15. Read the Saturday Globe and Mail more
16. Cook more
17. Eat more
18. Get a career counsellor
19. Take a creative writing class
20. Try stand up comedy...once.
21. Get more adventure in my home town
22. Minimize the amount of time I spend with toxic people
23. Listen to more music.
24. Pay out my debt in 12 months
25. Never. Ever. Wax my own muff again.
26. Get a pedicure once every two months
27. Take better care of my body
28. Get my hair cut more than once every 6 months.
29. Max out my benefits on massage, physiotherapy and chiropracty(sp?) If they aren't going to pay for my dental and eye care than you'd better believe that they'll pay for my happy ending (too much info?)
30. Spend more time with people that make me feel great.
31. Choose to listen to music instead of watching TV. If I choose to watch TV I will respect my brain and my time enough not to watch Shit TV
32. I will try to meditate or practise yoga regularly.
33. My emotions will not come with me to the office.
34. Unlike in 2005 - I will not test the professional world's acceptance of mediocrity. It does more damage to myself than it does to anyone else.
35. Get published
36. Continue to volunteer for charity.
37. Floss and brush my teeth. It's been 31 years that I'm cavity free.
38. I will recognize that I am unable to function without sleep - CSI Miami is not worth the sacrifice.
39. I will watch the 2006 Oscars just to ogle Jon Stewart.
40. There is green space in Toronto that isn't in the Don Valley - I will find it and I will wander around in it.

There will be more added to this list but I've been working on it for days and it's time to commit...

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