Friday, January 13, 2006


A Friday afternoon email conversation between me, Curly Head Sister, Smartie Pants Sister and Man Boy.

Me: Is there anything fun happening anywhere? I'M SO BORED.

Manboy: I had to go around and collect money for a baby shower. That killed close to an hour.

Curly Head: Lucky you, I am sitting here drinking way to much coffee and hoping i can leave early... the problem is i just had a meeting with the boss about my performance last year and what we're doing next year and one of his comments was to 'step up to the plate'...

Manboy: Maybe he was literally talking about baseball. Does the office have a lob ball team? Or maybe dinner plate... he wants you to go home an eat. You're wasting away from malnourishment!

Curly Head: Maybe he was implying that I should stick a base ball bat up his ass. "Step up to the plate.... and stick that bat up my ass Curly Head."

Or 'step up to the plate... and swing at my balls'

Smartie Pants: Seriously, I think he needs to define his terms and understand the conceptual framework he's his ideas and rationale are coming from what word would you use to describe the fake sound you make when you pretend to stick your finger down your throat...kaaacckk? Gaaaack? k-k-k? blah.

wtf?! how much over-time does he expect from you? and in March you worked like 20 hours a day outside and in -40 weather were you preceded to get a fever of hell fire temperatures. I'll show him stepping up to the plate.

Curly Head: Nah, i know what it's about. it's about not being friends with the operators, being confident and getting the operations group seeing me as a leader and being confident in my leadership. I need a little more training.

Or it could be about nudging his balls with the end of a baseball bat....

ManBoy: I want you to scream BALLS as loud as you can.

Smartie Pants: AAAAH! MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! balls.

ManBoy: I think Smartie Pants is okay with blogging it.

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