Friday, January 27, 2006

2006 Torino Olympics

There an unbelievable buzz on the interweb about some WackJob's insane idea of a Knitting Olympics...Don't tell me you haven't heard about it!

When Kelly started putting together a Canadian Knitting Team she was worried that it would remain at a constant 6 members all from the self-professed centre of the universe, Toronto - we now boast over 50 spectacular knitters coast to coast involving the who's who' of Canadian knitting. Don't make me say their know who they are.

We'll be having our opening games on February 10th, 2006 at local pubs in every city there is a team. I'm in Toronto so K and I are location scouting next week - I swear on my knitting that there will be wings, beer and yarn. There is talk of jersey's and swag to be found

Some stats about the 2006 Torino Olympics and the 2006 Knitting Olympics:

Torino: 2,500: Number of athletes participating
Knitting: 1852 and counting

Torino: 85: Number of countries participating
Knitting: Thus far 3 that I know of: Canada, US, Wales and while I think that the Caffeine Knitting Olympic Team, Merlot Knitting Olympic Team and the Chocolate Olympic Team are all worthy of nation status. Let me know in the comments if your country is not listed here!

Torino: 1: Number of U.S. athletes known to have competed as a piece of meat (Chris Witty, who ran costumed as an Italian sausage in a Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Race)
Knitting: I once dressed as a Wolverine which was the mascot of my high school..if you've dressed like a mammal other than the Homo Sapien for any reason let me know...

Torino: 81: Highest mph speed limit on Italian highways
Knitting: Will be compiling the number of stitches knit at the end of the Olympics

Torino: 416: Number of hours of television coverage
Knitting: 2000 knitters world wide will be watching at least 95% of aforementioned tv coverage while knitting their determined brains out.

Torino: 6: Events added to the 2006 Winter Games (men's and women's speed skating pursuit, men's and women's snowboard cross, men's and women's biathlon mass start)
Knitting: Fair Isle, Lace, Cables, Socks, Sweater, Shawl, Stitches, Garter, Clapotis, Cat Bed, and counting

Torino: 32: The number of worldwide partners/official sponsors of the 2006 Winter Olympics
Knitting: Innumerable LYS's and dealers around the world.



Jill said...

this knitting olympic thing is getting out of a good way! oh, and I did the four things question thingy and I even titled an entry with your name!

Anonymous said...

Wow - -- I'm not participating in the olympics but I'll be rooting for you!

--Secret Pal

Heather said...

Good lord. When did I become included the who's who of Canadian knitting? I'm astonished! :) Thanks!

Yvette said...

Hey, I'm not on the team (not up to it at the moment) but can I still come to the opening ceremonies? I'm a sucker for awards shows and Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. Hey! Another great idea - knit to the Oscars.

Drea said...

Just to add to your countries - judging from JenLa's blog (and the comments on Stephanie's) - Great Britian, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand :)

krista- the silent k said...

Heather, you make me laugh, I thought exactly the same thing about myself!

Thank God I am not interested in actually watching the Olympics because my project is a damn lacy thing that will requre my 100 precent attention and devotion.