Friday, December 09, 2005

Yarn Ho's Unite

On Wednesday night the planets aligned and my board meeting was cancelled thus providing a window in time that I might go to this event. I was giddy to be in a room of knitters ever since my first DKC meeting I've become a stitch 'n bitch junkie.

Lady Marmalade met me after my weight watchers meeting (up 1.8 lbs by the way - Happy Holidays) and we trekked on over to the Textile Museum of Canada. It's a very sweet little museum and I recommend torontoites to go and check'er out. I found information on the Grenfell Mission work that my Newfoundland family had given my PIC and I this summer.

Stephanie read from her second book and spoke on the joy and pain of Christmas knitting which was comforting to know that I am not alone in my insanity. Afterwards we went out for a celebratory pint where the merits of knitting shahsah mirrors to gloves and mittens was discussed - leading to the obvious discussion of superhero costumes.

The nemesis: The Soul Grabber (imagine shah shah mirrors on the end of those fingers)

The Heroine: Sarcasto! (the shah shah mirrors deflect sarcasm and insults)

And of course because everyone there has deep rooted lust for cashmere - there was yarn worship:


Kelly said...

I see my dimples have returned. Lovely pictures though! I can't wait to see the crazy ones from today's lunch though. Email them to me when you get back to work? :)

Jen said...

I can't download them from my computer here...i'll send them to you from home though

kelly said...

w00t! i think i might change my gravatar icon to one of the snazzy hat ones.

Sue said...

i'm sorry i missed it - jealous now.. :) !! cute pics man..