Monday, December 19, 2005

War! On! Christmas!

It seems to me that there is a whole lot of anger at the way people are choosing to celebrate their personal holidays (the last before Easter - crap does that mean we'll have a War! on! Easter! too?).

Discourse involving threats of personal injury. Ridiculous. I thought religious freedom was one of the tag lines for why folks should immigrate to America and Canada...

When you get tired of the toxic debate come and join me in my santarchy - it's way more fun. I'm becoming a Santarchist so lock your door, hide your yarn and put away the Scotch - I'm giving the War! on! Christmas! the bird.

Updated: Apparently the media blew the Santarchy event all out of proportion - Check this out for some more meaningful reasons for Thanks for the website Joyce!


krista said...

here here to that. i'm with the santanarchists.

krista said...

Oh yeah, and thanks for the link. I used it in my post today too.

Anonymous said...

Hey you, this is the site for Santarchy


kelly said...

Jen! Might have a snag in our lunch plans (damn work, grrr!). Call my cell.