Thursday, December 29, 2005

Top 5 Knitterly Moments of 2005

As a prelude to the photo essay entitled "What I got done in the last 3 weeks of 2005" to be posted tonight here are my top five knitting moments from this year brought to you by the letter Zed.

New technique(s): Magic Loop, Felting, knitting on dpns (is that a technique?), Thrumming, drop spindle spinning

Favorite finished object: Thrummed Mittens (Fleece Artist - picture tonight)

Favorite knit-along: I'm kind of doing the Stashbusters and the Keplar but got distracted by Xmas knitting

Favorite shop: Lettuce Knit - and here's why. The Ladies of the Yarn here are spectacularly friendly and helpful. Megan evan gave me my intro to spinning lesson and Meagan and Laura can help you with *anything* knitterly.

Favorite tool: I'm not so uptight about the needles. I dig on anything with a point although I've been really enjoying not having to warm up wooden needles like I have to do for the metal ones.

Resolutions for 2006 - I've been thinking on this for a few weeks now as I tend to take resolutions a little too seriously.

- Knit a sweater *with* sleeves. I started the Klaralund when we were in the Ottawa Valley over Christmas. I feel hopeful that it is not going to turn out to be a garment made for someone 10 months overdue. Thanks to the Silent K for the heads up on the pattern.

- Learn more colour work techniques. I'm well into an intarsia baby blanket for a kid coming out the pipes in March - this MAY be enough time to finish the blanket...I'm not sure though my hands hurt at the end of two hours of knitting (picture tonight)

- Increase the hand knit sock quotient in my house for both me and J

- Improve the spinning so that the homespun is less....uneven.

- Knit a lace shawl. Specifically this one that my most awesome Secret Pal Heather hooked me up with. I'm currently practicing the pattern in Red Heart as I'm pretty sure trying it on lace weight merino first will make me want to stab my own eyes out in frustration.

I think that's it for me. Doable resolutions that allow space for distraction. Very excited about the new year.

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krista said...

I casted on my Klaralund today! Sooo exciting.