Monday, December 12, 2005

She's a thrummer alright...

This weekend I went to the first of two of my "learn to thrum" classes at Lettuce Knit. It is the coolest way to make the warmest mittens ever and I'M IN LOVE WITH FLEECE. A photo essay:

My most dramatic cousin Maggie actually sat down for TEN MINUTES to help me wind my ball of Fleece Artist aran wool so that I could get the cuff of the mitten done before class - what a hero!!
The first lesson in thrumming is how to strip the fleece into smaller bundles of fibre then to use these to make the thrums. Thrums are what Krispy Kreme try to imitate with donuts - light fluffy luxurious rounds - see them next to my coffee?
I love them.

Then when you start to knit the thrums into your mitten you have an awkward thrum sausage for the first while - once you get past the thumb gusset you end up with the most beautiful, soft thrum sausage EVER.

And yes it is as warm and delightfully soft as it looks! So dreamy.

Onto the other spectacular part of my day (I've been thrumming at work :c) When I got home there was a GINORMOUS package at the door. Being Christmas and all I'm fairly careful that I not get a sneak preview of xmas gifts from my Manboy but when I looked at the box I realized it came from my already perfect Secret Pal.

Check out her blog she's been doing some wicked ass stuff in Mexico and it's her birthday today!

Heather clearly reads minds because when I was in Lettuce Knit on Sunday I was looking for exactly the pattern that she sent me in this package. It's obscenely spoily. That's right - the Leaf Lace Shawl by Fibretrends and enough Merino Lace weight TO KNIT IT OVER CHRISTMAS.

You can also see a dragon fly embroidery pattern, a needle case and the most perfect "works in progress basket" I've ever seen. What you can't see is a case to put my beautiful jeweled stitchmarkers in and a copy of At Knit's End.

The basket is already filling with my wips. It was my first Secret Pal cycle and while I sent a beautiful package and a subscription, Heather really set the bar high AND SHE GOT DISSED by her secret pal...BOO TO SLACKERS.


Heather said...

I am just so happy you like everything! Did I screw up the customs stuff? LOL I'm such the dingbat.

Jen said...

My friend you have conquored the customs!! Congratulations!