Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No matter what god/ess you dig on...if at all

I hope that you were surrounded by loved ones, food and wine throughout December. These are my siblings together and loving it. Doesn't happen so often nowadays so when it does 4:00am comes quickly. I love these guys.

Jason and I have been in the Ottawa Valley for the past few days enjoying his family and their beautiful cabin. Fresh air is spectacular and so was the's a teaser picture. I also knit compulsively and his mother took me on a yarn crawl. More on knitterly adventures tomorrow.

In the meantime here's J with our friend the Inukshuk at his parent's cabin. We wanted to tell everyone that it was a good spot to stop for a glass of wine.

J and I celebrate the delicate art of Christmas here in the Hendriks/Gemmill loveshack. This year we were on a "budget" and he still blew me out of the water. I didn't even know that some of this awesomeness existed.

My head explodes a little just looking at this picture. Here you see Marvin and Arthur Dent from the best scene in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - you know the one where the improbability drive turns the galaxy to yarn. THERE ARE TOYS FROM THAT SCENE! Be still my nerdy heart.

Speaking of hearts - do you see that drop spindle? It's a hand made from Steve at Kundert Wheels. How awesome a gift is that?! The next knit related gift is a recipe book for hand knit toys from which J has requested Squarey. I cannot wait to start on it for him.

All in all, if these four gifts where all I got for Xmas my head would still be exploded all over the wall but my brother got me all sorts of knit facilitating goodness as did my kniterific Mother in Law THANK YOU DEBBIE AND DAN.


Melanie said...

Aww...sounds like you had an awesome holiday! I lurve that knitted toys book! From the cover it looks like you could recreate that "Island of Misfit Toys" doll from Rudolph. How awesome would that be?!

Jen said...

it's a pretty cute book! sounds like you had yourself a bakerly xmas this year. out of control! it all looks so good!

krista said...

I love the snow Inukshuk! That's awesome.

angie said...

hey jen - loved your photos from your holidays - you left 2005 with a out 2006!