Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mistress of the Masters - Come take up your hats!

My youngest sister came to visit us on Tuesday night on her way to Montreal for a conjugal visit. Liz is doing her Masters degree in renewable natural resource management - yes she is a smarty pants and teasing her is one of my favourite things in the world

I'm amazed at what she does. She writes things like abstracts, proposals, thesis' and uses HUGE WORDS. Sometimes in the middle of an overdue abstract...she takes a nap BECAUSE HER HUGE BRAIN gets tired...

When Liz was 6 or 7 years old we moved to Northern Ontario. Living in the middle of the Canadian Shield in a small town may seem...well hellish to city folk but it affords educational luxuries that would never happen in Toronto. For instance, science in grades 1 through 8 usually involved regular ponding trips in the Spring. You can experience ponding virtually here. (you need to have Shockwave installed) While it's not nearly as fun as tromping around big puddles in rubber boots catching bugs but it gives you an idea.

Liz developed a deep and apparently lasting obsession with water, bugs and plant life and how in each pond there was an entire ecosystem. It was SO MUCH FUN TO TEASE HER. Anyway I was at the museum of Textiles last night and they have a spectacular bug exhibit on. I thought of her:

This is what the patterns and words are made of!

Cool, eh?! I'll tell y'all why I was nerding out at the Textile Museum later...


Carol said...

Jen, I surely enjoyed meeting you last night, and pondering if the sock under way would indeed fit a size 11 foot. Hope to see you again!

Carol (of the fuzzy blue scarf you fondled last night!)

Houston said...

Jen: Thanks for your kind words over on postcardsfromhome, but it's my fair city, too. Grew up there. It's been years since I ate at Rosewater, but I have fond memories. Your blog rocks, as does -- you're quite right -- Leon Redbone. Given you're a Redbone fan, I strenuously encourage you to check out Toronto hometown boy Mose Scarlett. His voice is liquid honey with scotch, and he's groovin' on the same era as Redbone.

krista said...

Jen, does you sister read for fun? I just finished reading "Crow Lake" by Mary Lawson and the main character reminds me of the way you describe your sister. The setting is in farmland on Ontario, and the ponds are a major source of fascination for the main character. Anyway, it is a good book.

Jen said...

Krista - we all read just for mom just finished Crow Lake and recommended it - thanks for the heads up.

Houston - EXCELLENT. I love homegrown...well..homegrown talent :c)

Carol - It was a lovely evening we'll see each other again!