Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I reign semi-victorious

Hey-o! I finished three delightful love filled Christmas gifts yesterday. Yes I am breathing a little easier although I still have 4 more to go and I just realized that there's only 19 more days to go. I can't put the third pic up yet....

Because the giftee's often frequent this interweb location I will only leave teaser pics here. This was my favourite to knit - Regia 4 ply, Canadian Colours. Why Canadian colours? I have know idea although I think it's because these colors would get any winter worn Canuck through the interminable February/March desert of sun and colour.

It makes me happy just to see the colours. Are all y'all curious? Well you'll have to wait until January to see.

And here:

Don't the colours just reak of BANTAM HOCKEY? Just looking at them make me think of getting my foot caught in those damned bleacher seats in poorly heated arena's watching Tim Bits Hockey players running amok on the ice while getting coked up on Timmy Ho's Double Double...mmm good.

I'm off to this tonight and am giddy with anticipation to be in a room full of chronic, stressed out and scattered knitters. If you're not any one of these things right now then you have drugs/knitting slaves that you need to share. 'tis the season!!!


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I am SO jealous! I want to go see Steph, too. Of course, I'd do something completely stupid and embarass the hell out of myself.