Thursday, December 15, 2005

I love blizzards

I realize that some of my love of snow storms is the anticipation of a snow day.

Yesterday my dear friend Marta arrived from Poland, and she thought we lived in a country with hot water ! HAH! Luckily she had the grace not lose her 10 hours travelled mind when I said that she couldn't have a shower until Thursday night. We love the zen of Marta.

When she walked through my front door she was greeted by the exact same scene as the last time we hung out. Bottles of wine, Miss Vickies, pizza and these characters:

Meet Carolyn (top), Melissa(bottom left) and Marta(bottom right) eleven years later and still just as debauched and insane. My manboy walked into the apartment after driving 3.5 hours from Ottawa and his head nearly exploded.

My darling Marta has a distinct lack of gristle on her bones so I wrapped her in my Alpaca shawl, put some hand knit socks on her feet and fed her chips. We headed out to the Phoenix to watch a spectacular all Canadian line up.

Actually we had all gone out to see Sarah Harmer 9 years ago when she was in the band Weeping Tile. I cracked out the album Cold Snap when we got home - it passed the test of time. About halfway through the Hip's set Marta's 10 hr journey and consequent jet lag smacked her in the ass so we headed out.

Not before I got a picture of my rocker posse in action. Seriously, these women have not aged a bit it's a bit frightening.

On our way out we bumped into Joe whose name took a vacation from my brain at the time. Hi Joe!

It was a great concert to go to with some great it's nice to have women like these in one's life. More shenanigans to come. Cross your fingers that work shuts down on Friday!


krista said...

I loved weeping tile!!!

And "nastrovia" to your ]friend. (I think it means "to your health" in Polish)

Jen said...