Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Holy Shit. I forgot what today was....

Any time anyone has ever mocked or criticized the gun control laws in Canada I think of December 6th, 1989.

"The assailant used a semi-automatic military weapon, which he owned legally despite a history of antisocial behaviour. After committing suicide, he was identified only after police conducted a store-by-store search in the Montreal area to see who had recently sold the rifle, because guns were not registered except at the point of sale."

My sister is an engineer and almost all of my female role models growing up in Northern Canada were engineers, foresters or geologists. They all worked in male dominated fields. This shit freaks me out.

The women killed in Montreal were targeted by an angry angry man on the sole merit of their uteruses (uteri?) and their ambition. Now that shit is fucked up.

Take a minute today and thank god, goddess, wool whatever higher being you need to that we have gun control.


Heather said...

Comments were all messed up on blogger yesterday, so I'm sorry if this shows up a few times.

What a horrible tragedy. I wish we had some kind of decent gun control here in the states. Then again, it is so easy to buy an illegal gun here, does it matter?

Jen said...

well i'd rather the crazzy mo fo have to go hunting for an illegal gun then to just pick one up at the store...

this event sparked an enormous gun registry project that has costed millions of dollars.

I almost take more pride in that than our health care...almost :c)