Friday, November 25, 2005

Yarn Fetishists UNITE!!!

I am a chronically busy person. It's a neurotic genetic flaw found somewhere deep in my ancestry that I feel like I must be busy and productive for as much of the time that I'm awake as possible. That way if I get hit by a bus I won't leave my earthly body thinking "DANG! I SHOULD HAVE LEARNED HOW TO KNIT" or something along those lines

This means that I'm part of charity boards, I knit (TTC productivity has skyrocketed since I learned how to knit socks), I do comedy (am on hiatus right now) and I volunteer. It has taken my PIC almost the entirety of our relationship to adjust to it.

He often will look at me in a quiet moment with awe in his voice will say "Wow, it's really busy in your head isn't it." To which I reply "You have *no* idea."

The problem with, tick is that every once in awhile an event comes through the pipes that I would kill to take part in but I just can't seem to get there because I schedule weekly engagements.

Wednesday night Stitch 'n Bitching at Lettuce Knit was once this impossible for me to get to. I say once because I went after my standing date at Weight Watchers for the first time this week and I will continue to do this as often as possible. The knitters witnessed here are all so talented it makes the gerbil running in my brain take pause and enjoy the moment. Yes, it was that good.

I met the Yarn Harlot, Juno, Fey, Lady Marmalade and saw knitters from the TTC Knit event and met new knitters. Oh dear the laughing and the rude rude subjects of conversation.

It came out that my doctor prescribed Ativan to me for smoking withdrawal symptoms. There is no season like Christmas to make knitters really interested in the possibility of tranquilizers. Don't believe me? Call this number 1-877-SOS-KNIT.


kelly said...


lol I'm trying to remember why Joyce is covering her eyes.

Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous!! I would love to meet Stephanie some day. I keep waiting for her to come out to Arizona, but no luck.

My husband is so happy I knit. He says I would drive him nuts if I didn't have something to do all the time. heh


Jen said...

I think joyce is covering her eyes because of ativan jokes or my work stories...