Monday, November 07, 2005

The Ring Two or Natural Born Loser

I lose stuff. If it can come off of my body, chances are I will lose it before it wears out or I outgrow it. To give you a good idea of how much of a loser I am - I've lost countless pairs of glasses in the lake at our cottage simply because when I'm excited about swimming I forget I'm wearing them and take wild flying leaps into the cool cool water - no pair of glasses could be secured to my face enough to withstand the force of my enthusiasm.

To thine self be true so when I got engaged the only way for the PIC to get me to accept a ring was to have it insured prior to me wearing it for any length of time.

4 days after I got married my ring fell victim to McKaskill Lake in Algonquin Park right here:

I will say this: nothing ruins a honeymoon toke like losing the symbol of eternal love and faithfulness in 15 feet of cold Northern Ontario water at sunset.

What a bummer - but as previously indicated, I am a loser so I develop an understanding with my belongings (particularly jewelery) I try not to get too attached. History has shown that our relationship (mine and jewelery) is but fleeting.

Anyway, when we got back to the city we called our insurance agent who proceeded to tell us that the ring was worth less than half what we paid for it originally and our jeweller had marked it up because her store was in Yorkville. THEN WHY WERE WE PAYING PREMIUMS ON THE ORIGINAL VALUE. I told her that it wasn't marked up - we designed it and it's made with Canadian material which is more expensive (but there is way less blood on our hands)

4 months later I finally got a third party quote from Birk's who valued the ring at $200 MORE than what we paid. I emailed the quote to the adjuster and I kid you not - within 48hrs we had a check. I'm wearing the ring right now and I still love it but the whole experience has left me with a crappy taste in my mouth.

What the fuck do these people get paid to do?!?! It irks me to think that we could have been ripped off over $1000.00 if we hadn't fought back AND WE PAY THEM MONTHLY FOR THE PRIVILEGE.

Anyone have recommendations on a good insurer because we're switching before I lose this bad boy again...


aviva said...

man, don't get me started with insurance companies. i heard somewhere that it's actually their policy to play games (refuse to pay, offer half, blah blah blah) and then only pay out what is due if you're super persistent, like you were. good for you for insisting they pony up the whole amount.

Jen said...

We saw your show last night - very funny - and they cut your Rock Out sign!!!!

Most enjoyable moment:when you said that you checked out the babes not Scott.

Sallie said...

I worked for an insurance company for almost a year and a half before I came to Japan. (Worst employment experience EVER!) Seeing how my 'fellow' employees treated our clients, and hearing horror stories from clients who were actually happy with us and had bad experiences elsewhere, I think it's pretty standard that no one will ever like their insurance company. In theory, it's wonderful. In practice, not so nice. Good for you for sticking to your guns and doing your own research. It's all about taking responsibility, I guess!