Friday, November 04, 2005

Martinis and Scotch and Burgers Oh My!!!

So last night I met up with the Urban Sherpa to scout out locations for the next KIP event - I can't give you too many details but I can tell you that the "girls" are coming out, "martini's" will be drunk and Single Malt 18 yr old scotch "is" available. (No jail bait scotch allowed).

It would seem that I wasn't the only one imbibing too much high end deliciousness last night - Ashlee Simpson that lyp sinching hack got all hammered up and went looking for a filet o' fish.

What makes me pretty happy about this, primarily because I'm music snob, is that a bunch of Ryerson students put together a whole campaign to welcome The Simp to our fair city (via Torontoist) and apparently her surliness was due to her feelings being hurt earlier that day.

I can't wait until she gets pregnant a la Britney - just to give us a deserved time out.

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