Monday, November 14, 2005

Living the Toronto Dream

What a crazy busy fun weekend. Crazy.

It started with going to see the Wet Spots on Friday night at the Gladstone Hotel with PIC and a couple of friends. God, that place is putting the ass right back in class last time I got slammed there people were butting out their cigarettes on the pool table.

Speaking of ass, it delights me to no end to be writing about "Wet Spots" on My Sensitive Girl Hole for the first time this year. If you ever get a chance to check them out do it. They've got great songs all about asses.

Saturday morning we woke up late and hungover and went to see Jane Eyre as put on by my cousin's George Brown Theatre class - cool theatre, long play in a hot space. All in all a talented group of folk. My parents came over for delicious Thai and then my sister and I headed over to the Bad Dog Theatre to see a Twisted Christmas Carol.

Seriously kids, for $12.00 you get to see some of the TDot's best comedians spin comedy gold for's good clean family fun that you can follow up with some delicious Guiness at the Dora Keogh. You can't afford NOT to see it this season.

Sunday I enjoyed Dim Sum at the Dragon city restaurant at Spadina and Dundas with my posse Aviva, Nelson and Charlotte. We got some home roasted coffee in Kensington coincidentally right beside Lettuce Knit where some Lorna's Lace slipped into my bag. WTF?! How did THAT get in there.

The capper was 4 hours spent playing in a poker tournament. didn't think I would make it that long what with my complete inability to keep good news to myself (see Pocket Rockets) It was good times that raised a grand for my theatre of choice.

Sunday night was spent watching the Penn and Teller special with my PIC and chilling out. This week is going to kick my ass at the Veal Processing Plant (aka my office) so I needed to prepare with some down time.


Jill said...

So you picked out some Lorna's...which colour? Or wait, I can just ask you when I see in about 1.25 hours. I WANT LUNCH NOW!

Jen said...

pinstripey goodness...for secret knitting...i need to get it wound at LK this weekend