Thursday, November 10, 2005

I will say this

This past week has been a dry hump of writing material about myself the week has just been flying by and I feel very disconnected from all of it - bored if you will. So instead I shall pontificate upon the lives of others!

- I made tzatziki with So Good Soy Yogurt and it tastes exactly like the yogurt would with all the garlic I put in it. Jesus it's going to stick for days - the PIC is feeling safe from vampyres.

- A close close friend of mine (you know who you are) hung out with someone that has transformed her outlook. I don't care if it's romantic, friendship, a nemesis or a passerby that does this to someone - we all need our outlook tweaked every couple years. I love that she's not scared shitless by this event. Having said that - these moments scare the pants off of me.

- I've seen a link to this blog all over the place but I actually read through it today and am now addicted. There are pictures of her recent cancer treatments (warning: explicit pictures) makes my knuckles hurt and my heart ache. My inner ignoramus prefers the breast exam pictures but it made me do a *great* self exam this month. Holy fuck - that is educmacation. The fact that she is posting fucking good shit about the patriarchy while fighting it knocks my panties off.

- And because winter, she comes slowly here in Toronto, a picture from my wasted youth in a place that had 4 feet of the white stuff by Halloween. I kind of miss it. Man that sun glare of the snow could blind you for the season.


Anonymous said...

Where did that picture come from?! I love it!
ps: wasted youth?! jeebus! You raised a great sister like me!

Jen said...

wasted youth...not in the pathetic was just a turn of phrase. I've gotten a few emails from people concerned about my mental health after that post.

thought that picture brings me back to some pretty great times. BC is beautiful.

you're actually on my resume :c)