Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday Random Ten

The Freedom 35, Dare to Dream Edition

1. Fiery Furnaces: Though Let's Be Fair
2. No Doubt: You Can Do It
3. Alanis Morissette: Right Through You
4. Spacehog: Almond Kisses
5. Stars: What I'm Trying To Say
6. Missy Elliott: Slap! Slap! Slap!
7. Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison Blues
8. Bruce Springsteen: Across the Border
9. Great Lake Swimmers: I Saw You In The Wild
10. Emmylou Harris: Every Grain Of Sand

The picture is to document what happens when you drink too many $15.00 martini's at the Hyatt Regency Rooftop Lounge with your boss and executive members of the office. Let the dooceing begin.


Jill said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE song #5 and the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Just so it's clear - the guy in the middle is Jen's boss; as for the other two people ... we have no idea who they are!

Anonymous said...

What a great shot of you guys! Although Donnelly is not technically your co worker anymore--or is he?

Jen said...

no he's evolved to the provincial communications dept...