Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Random Ten

The Gemini Edition

1. Stars: Celebration Guns
2. Propellerheads: You Want It Back
3. Massive Attack: Be Thankful for What You Got
4. Morcheeba: Love Is Rare
5. Chris Thomas King: Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
6. Morcheeba: In The Hands of The Gods
7. Stars: Your Ex Lover Is Dead
8. Tracy Bonham: All Thumbs
9. Lauryn Hill: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
10. The Fiery Furnaces: A Candymaker's Knife In My Handbag


Jill said...

Hey Jen,

It was great to see you at lunch today...hope you had a nice 'second' lunch. And the bag looks fantastic.

Jen said...

thanks dude...i'm so full it hurts...