Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Does *anyone* out there mollygrump?

My grandmother is the definitive overly proper matriarch of my family. It wasn't until she had her first stroke (the happy stroke) that she started to embrace the unladylike personalities of her three granddaughters and her tomboy of a daughter (my mother).

The exuberance and unbridled vocal enthusiasm that my sisters, brother and I share were nurtured tenderly into us by our mother and father. This tendancy of ours often led to our banishment from my grandparent's cottage in the Muskokas due to summersaults on the furniture and general running amok. An example can be witnessed here in a picture taken at Thanksgiving 2004 when we were 25, 30, 31 and 35 years old.

In fact, I theorize that this behaviour was brought about as the definitive form of rebellion by my mother....this is just a theory though because while it's fun to smother my grandmother with enthusiastic smooches...it's even more fun to smother my mom.

In my Mimi's properness lay a refusal to recognize bodily functions of any kind. To comment upon a Fart in her presence was to horrify her.

I don't know if mom picked up the word from my Mimi or made it up because she inherited a touch of the proper herself but if we wanted to refer to the extraordinary farts my older brother would use to express his disdain for his younger sisters in the car on a winter day...we would call them MOLLYGRUMPS.

I have never in my life heard anyone ever use the term to mollygrump instead of to fart but I feel that it is most appropriate and it actually rolls of the tongue kind of nice like. If anyone can find any information on this word let me know for I feel it is but a Hendriks'ism.

So, my friends do not ask me where this stream of consciousness came from but instead ask would you rather mollygrump in an elevator at the office? or fart.

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