Friday, November 18, 2005

Conversation topics recently covered while knitting with and without alcohol

Warning: The following subjects weren't *always* introduced by myself and are almost entirely sex related. They were all discussed in the past 24 hours while knitting in various locations.

1. The feasibility of open relationships and the statistical likelihood of good emotionally unattached sex.

2. Porking in the shower with broken foot: challenging AND satisfying - leading to the image of having one's broken foot hoisted above one's head for enjoyment.

3. Top vs. Bottom - with demonstrations of favorite maneuvers. Leading to a detailed discussion of:

4. The benefits of sleeping with tall men: fortitude, durability, monkey bar similarity

5. The recommendation of smoking marijuana in order to quell elevator phobia thus making the office Christmas party that much less painful - in a number of ways.

6. The necessity of a good sturdy bra for marathon dancing binges.

The face of knitting has changed forever.


kelly said...

It kills me that I was involved in what, half? of those conversations.

Oh and girl, it's Friday LUNCH has been changed forever. Knitting was always an excuse to talk about sex.

aviva said...

Topic number #1 of your list came up tonight while we were cooking dinner. We have decided to explore the possibilities again... Know any hot guys interested in emotionally uninvolved sex?

Jill said...

I was thinking the same thing Kelly. I love lunch knitting at the food court. Although sometimes, I feel bad for the people at the table next to us!