Monday, November 28, 2005

And yes, there was poutine...

So over the weekend I partook in the definitive "Thank god I have a job so I can do this" Stitch n' Bitch. At the Rosewater Supper Club. A couple of us met at my place to try stem the necessity of spending hundreds of dollars on food.

How civil eh?

We got the call from Vivienne when we were just arriving. "Jen, where are you? The CBC are here and they want to see YOU."

Clearly Vivienne forgot that as a comedian, there is a part of me that I try and keep in the closet, this part of me cannot fathom that anyone would be anywhere that doesn't involve me. You can understand why I try and keep this in the closet - how obnoxious. After I raced in I found them in the couchy area

She was sitting with Elizabeth and Erin who had recently gotten this done. She had brought a ball of Noro in to the tattoo artist to use as an example. She is a rocker.

So we run in and lo and behold a camera crew is there getting footage of knitting and martinis. My kind of crowd. By the time the last of the knitters arrived we had a nice crowd of between 10 and 15 snazzed up women. It was so luxurious.

The entire night centered around cheese, wine, cosmos, poutine (that's right - they have POUTINE AT THE ROSEWATER SUPPER CLUB), and knitting projects that we could stitch while blind.

I clearly forgot this and spent my first two martinis ripping back the damned scarf that had reversible cables seen here from another time with Jill's Jaywalker Sock and Kelly's sock. I'm not sure what I was thinking bringing a reversible cable scarf that involved ribbing to an event INVOLVING VODKA AND CHEESE. Me thinks I overestimated myself.

The definitive moment of the night was when the maitre d', who had been interested in us all night, finally asked Elizabeth if he could knit a row or two. Oh Julius you delighful wine fascist and romantic - thank you for the wine for Elizabeth (because she's so incredibly charming) and the scotch for me (because I'm a sucker for pimping out my friends).

I'm sorry that I got my left and right sides mixed up when you asked for the girl's name on the RIGHT side of me. But you should understand my mind was still whirling from the divinity that is Rosewater Poutine.

Isn't he a cutie? The following are some moments that were captured in between me sipping vodka and me ripping back more of my scarf. You'll see the two Elizabeths in this picture one in the back and one sipping the wine. Elizabeth in the back was found close to coma 5 minutes prior and was revived STAT with some cheese - I would post the picture but I fear she would hunt me down.

Now in this giggling picture you'll see what seems to be almost an ENTIRE MITTEN that was knit at this event. My friend Amy (I may add also the genius that brought the Rosewater Poutine to our table) casted on and almost finished her mitten. I've tried to show what she accomplished in the 4 hours we spent here.

By the end of the night we had almost closed the bar (satisfying) and I was still ready for some more fun so I headed home to my Man Boy and enjoyed a sip of one of these before falling asleep. This is what I woke up to. Oh the judgment! But aren't we glad that he thought to SAVE THE BEER WITH A WINE BOTTLE STOPPER.

Now a favour to all knitters from this event who may read this post. We were picking out the different quotes from the night that I would use in mysensitivegirlhole. Does anyone remember them? I look at you Elizabeth K....what was that line? It's driving me crazy


Amy said...

"I'm so rich I eat my beluga sushi with human roe"

" I can by and sell your ovaries 10 times over!"

Jen said...

thank you. i can now die in peace knowing the most offensive quote ever.

kelly said...

oh my goodness. looks like i missed another stellar event!

Anonymous said...

Wow...sounds like ya'll had so much fun. I love the tattoo!!


Yvette said...

Possibly the worst picture of me ever taken. Thanks tons. Had a great time but I lost my hat on the way home. Coulda been the wine. Great meeting you.

the silent k said...

I am so there next time. I wanted to come to this event but had to do an American Thanksgiving thing with my relatives from the states. Agh.

Looks like it was a blast.

Elizabeth K said...

Sorry Jen, I don't remember the quote, but thank you for not showing unflattering pictures of me comatose. I owe you one.

Sophia said...

Hullo - Soho here.

I recall a less-offensive but still-amusing declaration that:
"I'm so rich I don't run for the bus. Running's for poor people." *insert sinister rich-woman laugh here*