Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Shaking loose the phlegm

As the PIC spends an hour patting me gently on the back to loosen the phlegm in my chest while I watch CSI.

I ask myself - why is it that Bridget Jones or the Sex in the City Girls never once referenced phlegm loosening as a reason to be in a relationship?

If you ask me it's *the* reason to go monogamous.

I have almost 3 knitting projects finished and all fleece spun due to three days of feverish hacking.


Cindy R said...


Loosing phlegm in your chest has to be up there with holding your hair back while you puke. If you can find someone to that or both, you've found your match!


Cindy R said...

Sorry, I'm a terrible speller...LOOSENING, not loosing.

And I'm sorry you're not feeling well. But yea for all the knitting!

Vivienne said...

Actually, there was an episode of S&TC where Samantha comes down with a hideous flu and not a single guy in her little black book will bring her Neo Citran and soup. :( I remember watching this episode with The Boyfriend once, who looked unbearably smug and commented "See? You never have to worry about that. I'll ALWAYS take care of you when you're sick."

To which I replied: "Honey, you're supposed to rub the Vick's on my back and on my WHOLE chest, not just on my boobs."

Jen said...

YAY CINDY! I've been working on a reply to your awesome email for weeks.

thank you for the nice words.

Vivienne - remember this - it's all about location locationlocation

Kelly said...

When I was home sick last week, all I could think about was poor Samantha and those curtains falling down on her (the coat rack on the back of my door came crashing down on me. If only the rest of my life was as similar to Ms Jones').

Being single SUCKS.