Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Random inspiration..

I met Beryl when I did the TTC Knit a Long. She spent the day knitting tits. Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite feature is my boobs. I love them and the fact that this woman has made a recipe to knit them blew my tiny little mind.

She had a fantastic way of making knitting anything but the frumpy hobby it has the reputation to be. All this to say, I love that a random article in the Torontoist got me to the Knit a Long and onto her team of knitters.

There was an article in the Globe this weekend about her business which inspired this post. I was supposed to go to the party on Tuesday but some aspect of life got in my way. Congratulations Beryl!!

I can't wait to grope one of these girls.


kelly said...

Did you see that she's also one of this season of Knitty's surprises -- boobie pattern and all?

Jen said...

no i didn't!! a boob recipe to go with the uterus!!! i can feel the project now.