Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pillow Talk

Before going to bed the PIC and I found a news bit and small video clip of the new Belgian Unicef War Baby campaign (prevention not creation). It's pretty heavy handed. Click on the picture to see the video

I think it should be especially right now with the US fucking around in other borders for bullshit reasons. Having said that we watched the video at midnight when we were already being silly due to being tired. Leading to the debate over hot dirty Smurph euphemisms before falling asleep.

- Smurph me you hot piece of Smurph meat
- Smurph it in me!
- I love smurphing you.

Romance is twisting childhood cartoons.


Jeff in East York said...

Go Smurf yourself and the Smurf you rode in on

Jen said...

Well smurfed!

Vivienne said...

LOL, just proves that with enough effort, you can find *anything* on the Internet. I posted about this ad after reading an article about it, but never bothered looking for a clip. Pretty smurfing upsetting, I have to say.

But I still want to know what happened to Brainy.

Jen said...

I love that I just realized I spelt smurf wrong throughout the post