Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Noam Chomski threw up a bit in his mouth

It would seem that my Manboy has directed a number of his close friends to mysensitivegirlhole (how long have I been dying to say THAT!!) to see the pictures from our wedding.

I recently got an email from one of my Manboy's best friends in the world. She had just read mysensitivegirlhole in it's entirety... he he he it still makes me giggle. She emailed me some thoughts and comments afterwards. THANKS SO SO MUCH CINDY!!!

This made me pee my pants a little bit, in part because I don't remember writing this post and in part because her father is involved.

Thus opens the door to modern linguistic evolution.

I enjoyed your entry about the word cunt. I myself have only used the word when I've been really pissed off because my mouth just somehow can't form the word. (it has the harshness of nails on a chalkboard or chalk on myhands for me)

My dad on the other had firmly believes that any sentence can be ended with the word. ( he also calls people who irritate him "cows vagina's" vagina being pronounced vag- in- a) My brother and dad can get ona lovely roll of ending every sentence with "ya cunt n'thing" It warms the heart.
My brother knows of my hesitancy to say the word so has told me of the wonderful "C-U-Next-Tuesday" as and interesting alternative
I am particularly jealous that her family facilitates foul language while I've been asked gently and unsuccessfully (sorry Dad) to keep my love of the cuss so far in the closet I lost it in Narnia (thanks for the line Will!)

I only hope that Cindy you pass the joy of inappropriate language at inappropriate times continuing along with this angel - tell Sean that this is a spectacular picture. Your daughter is absolutely going to drive you and Sean bonkers in 15 more years...


Cindy R said...

Hey Jen

No problem, I throughly enjoyed your blog and every couple days I check it out to see what new and and exciting in your world.

And yes, the swearing, an interesting quirk in may Dad was in the navy for 30 years so talk about swearing like a sailor. It's funny because although we openly swear now, I actually got grounded once for a whole weekend for swearing at my brother. My dad said it wasn't "lady like". HA! He's accepted the fact now that I'm not a lady and finds my swearing funny. Sorcha one day too, will have a colourful vocab I'm sure, but we'd prefer for her to wait a while. She has sworn in the past, once or twice. When she was almost 19 months, my parents were watching her for a couple hours and she accidently through a ball behind a speaker and she very calmly said "OH, Fuck." My parents tried so hard not to laugh! They didn't say anything and she didn't do it again, but hey smart girl! She swore in the right context! But anyway, it was a sign that i really needed to start watching my mouth.

And yes, she's a cutie. Sean is looking forward to having "talks" with her boyfriends in the future. (probably while he's cleaning a weapon of some kind)

til next time,

Jen said...

TOO MUCH. you're awesome