Sunday, October 30, 2005

I promise I'll bring the book back.

There is something inherently comforting to know that the public library system can still exist. With all the news of lying presidents, looting citizenry and general gun violence in the TDot - the fact that someone will let me (one of the least reliable and most disorganized people I know) take a book, dvd or cd for free for a week on the understanding that I will eventually return it.

Well it gives me hope. As long as we as a society have this means that the majority of us are still morally and karmically...holding on.

I joined the Secret Pal movement on it's SIXTH round...just because the whole idea of some stranger out there in the world sending me something specific to my hobby just because they said that they really cool. The notion that the only connection that this person has to me is through this blog is even neater - a modernized take on pen pals.

Last week through the haze of project deadlines, self judgement and a severe chest infection I got this in the mail:

1. SOCK YARN! I don't know how she/he knew but I was down to my last two balls of it.

2. A beeyoutiful jewelry case that my new wedding ring will be safely ensconced in (more on that when I can talk about the insurance company without going rabid)

3. Jeweled stitchmarkers for which I have been lusting after for months...ooooo am so spoiled

4. Extremely cool cards with knit related pictures on the front of them.



Anonymous said...

You are very welcome :) I'm so glad you like everything!

Jen said...

I LOVE IT ALL. Can't wait to use the sock yarn....mmmmm

krista said...

Recently the library told my man he had an overdue book. He swore on his life he returned it. It must be some mistake on their part. So they actually erased it from his record.

We found the book a month later.

What do we do now?! We can't return it or next time we swear its their mistake and really it is ours, we won't get off the hook!

It's people like us...

Jen said...

i feel you should return it...i swear librarians don't *always* believe the worst in people...

well maybe they do. what book is it? I swear I'll return it back to you :c) lol