Sunday, October 02, 2005

I am weak...but satisfied

Message to the outside world: Call me. I've been taken hostage by my lack of self control and am tangled at home because I can't afford the TTC now.

As I'm sure most of you have guessed - I took part in the Knit in Public Knit-a-Long on Saturday. It was my first experience yarn shopping with other very very talented knitters and hilarious women. I've never had a more...enabled yarn gorging session. Lady Marmalade was smart for not risking her next fiscal quarter on this event. Seriously, I've never been yarn shopping with another much better.

Sweet Jesus I laughed, I spent, I laughed some more, then enjoyed deep fried goodness out in the east end. while laughing. hard.

The bon mots were in full force. Here are some pictures along with some of the one liners that still make me pee my pants....just a little.

I was part of the west end ladies. Berryl is in the beautiful shrug - she knits the most perfect tit prosthetics and she's brilliant. I'll be getting that recipe as soon as possible. Berryl is flanked by Isobel, Liz, and Sue - I can't remember the beautiful woman's name to the right but she is the coolest Big Sister I've ever met.

Bon Mot: Isobel (Demonstrating her nerd factor in reference to Klingon's) : "Oh Wharfie." Honestly, I can die happy now that I've heard someone using a pet name for a klingon.

Rabid Knitters: When the first skein of mohair is fondled then purchased - the seal is broken and a free for all. Kind of like blood in shark infested water.

I came out bruised by not destroyed neither by the yarn porn nor the bombing chestnuts and we still had to go to the Naked Sheep!

Three skeins of Koigu and this book is magnificent. I'm going to drive myself insane with a couple of these projects including the Color on Color scarf involving 47 different colours it's beautiful. A bonus is that Vivienne, one of the organizers actually said that if I did the scarf and survived she'd buy me a bottle of scotch - seriously even the I cords involve 4 different colors.

These chestnuts are just a sample of the 18 000 bombs that dropped on a group of hard core yarn sluts.The knitting in public (KIP) began in earnest.

Amy is in the back of the picture in the black outfit has the best laugh I've ever heard. I've heard a lot of them too. I'm laughing right now just thinking about her laughing...oh my god. such laughing

To think that most people think STROLLERS on the ttc are obnoxious...imagine 30 loud cracked out yarn junkies after two yarn stores on the way to the third.

Knitter's in the east end know exactly where I was based on the most perfect crotch sniffing yarn puppy ever - if ever there was a good sheep it would be the Naked Sheep. Meet Charlie - I'm still waiting for him to call me after I invested so highly in his owners Noro Kucheyon...a shiver runs up my spine thinking about my skeins. I won't say how many just know that it's obscene - actually the white bag under Charlie's right ear contains the obscenity.

Lorena has tester basics set up where Liz of Lingua Franca fame enjoyed the king kong needles. After the king fix of the day we went for drinks and deep fry up the street. An inventory was done (there were six of us).

How ironic that 20 minutes after this picture was taken we had to move inside because we were cold. That there purple deliciousness close to the camera is a thrummed mitten kit from Fleece Artist - say that 10 times in the middle of a pint and I'll buy you one...actually I won't. I'll ride you're coattails and buy me one.

This is what my PIC saw when he got home from his show at the Bad Dog

Inventory of the day:

Romni Wool: 10 balls of Zara mohair, 1 ball of Regia 4 ply sock yarn (it's orange and yellow - you can't tell me I shouldn't have - this stuff is going to get me through the Canadian winter)

Lettuce Knit: 3 skeins of pink Koigu (you can see it peaking out in the bottom basket), Scarf Style recipe book - so bad and yet sooooooo good.

Naked Sheep: 10 balls of Noro Kucheyon (woops. I actually have NO recollection of this purchase. Seriously there must have been something in the champagne that we had.)

Hold me.


ps: I have to apologize to all of the women I fell in love with on this journey - If I've gotten your names wrong it's because had an accident. I got run over by this (I don't know her name either):


kelly said...

Ahhh that looks like it was a most excellent journey. Look at all that yarn! Cracked out fibre sluts indeed. Know that I was with you in spirit, if not in person.

Seriously, I couldnt have afforded that jaunt in a million years. Well, had it been after the 15th, maybe.

Anyway, thanks for posting all of the pictures!

Jen said...

Kelly - it was an absolute fiscal shit storm.

Satisfying though. I've never done anything with a group of equally addicted knitters before. I may do so more often.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, Nice meeting you Saturday. I'm the one on the right in the top picture!

Jen said...

JOYCE!!! of course, I KNEW that! it was great to meet you - hope to see you again!

kelly said...

Hi Joyce! *waves*

Jen, some night you have to come out to SnB with me at Lettuce Knit. I havent gone most of the summer, but am slowly getting back in to it. Maybe next week? Lemme know :)

beryl tsang said...

Hey Jen,

I forgot to invite you to the launch of my website,, it will be on Monday October 11th at Secrets from Your Sister, 576 Bloor Street West from 7-9. Bring the Noro and look at bra crack while you KIP!

Jen said...

Wednesday are pretty tight for me but i can meet you there after 6 sometime!

Beryl - i'm doing a charity event that night but I'm sure it's going to be a great event!

Anonymous said...

hi Jen! Further confirming my nerdiness, wanted to remind you about CURLING. Really nice team looking for two people on Fridays to complete the squad....