Sunday, October 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Carolyn!

These are some of the things that pop into my small head about my best friend Carolyn:

1. Carolyn is a Libra and provides enough balance and perspective to her friends that it often will keep the peace that the Geminis she collects would destroy otherwise.

2. Carolyn just turned 30 and has lived and/or visited more countries then most people in her generation can ever hope to.

3. She had a love of outdoor adventure, music, books and extra curricular activity that inspires those around her to get more involved.

4. She is the fourth daughter in my family. So much a member that we will even have earth shattering fights and awkward family moments around her (much to my chagrin at the time) and she will still come by to say hi to the 'rentals.

5. Carolyn can relive her twenties with the same gusto, comedy and gonginess that she lived them the first time around.

6. As a kick ass lawyer it brings me comfort knowing that if I ever inadvertantly break another law - she can give me good advice and maybe..."get me off". Those words mean something oh so very different in our thirties. YAY CAROLYN!

7. So versatile is Carolyn that she has built a loyal fanbase in a number of different communities from the Cops in Etobicoke, to the ladies of the queer and formerly queer communities. You're insane if you don't fall in love with Carolyn.

8. Carolyn was my roommate in university for 3 years and had a couch for me to surf on during the 3 month depression when I moved to Halifax. She can give the most gentle tough love I've ever seen.

9. She has a great poker face but keeps asking about the betting so you can always tell when she's got a smokin' hand.

10. The laws of physics are different for Carolyn. She will spill any liquid but there is a proven correlation between the ease with which she will spill a liquid and how stainy it is or whether or not she is wearing white. Yet this correlation will not hold if she is balancing a cup of steaming hot coffee or glass of red wine on her knee while sitting on the couch watching TV. It still boggles my mind.

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