Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween, oh how I judge thee.

There is confusion somewhere about Halloween rules:

1. Hey lady: when you look like you could be lactating as you say trick or are too old to be saying it.

2. Hey Mom Lady: Your job is to take your two adorable toddlers trick or treating. When you popped them out you lost the right to carry your own treat bag

3. Hey Kid: When you talk about how fast your five o'clock shadow grows and where to buy good dope on my street, you're too old AND YOU SHOULD BE SHARING.

On the up note: My day was going great when I found out that the Colbert Report was coming to Canada but when I saw what was in the mail it just got better! I gots me a fussy shirt!! I love my treble chin in this picture.


Jill said...

Hey Jen,

I agree with you completely. Although I think I could still trick or treat cause in a costume, I can probably look twelve years old. And I can't make lunch on Fri. cause it is King's going away lunch. Next Fri. for sure though. I miss you guys!

Jen said...

did king quit?! aichee mama everyone really is leaving hrpao!