Friday, October 28, 2005


Man. My office decided to show me what it's like to be in the joint this week. Holy Fuck - if I have to spend another SIXTY MINUTES talking about how a piece of paper will get to the mail room to accounting to administration i'm going to poke my own eyes out.

Or the difference between "your fees are used to.." and "Your fees are used to..."


Am on my way up to the cottage to take the water out of the pipes. One of my favourite jobs as it makes me feel tough and useful. Nothing says "I'm a strong independant woman" like knowing how to prevent cracks in your pipes.

That's right I said it.


Yvette said...

Oh Yeah? Ever change a toilet tank? Talk about manly! Talk about "Please don't let me drop this expensive and awkward piece of porcelein."

I'm really enjoying your blog. Very cool. I'd be interested in hearing more on your experience with the Downtown Knitters Collective. I'm considering joining and would value the opinion of someone who likes the "F-word" as much as I do. Is it a good variety of people?

Jen said...

My first meeting at the DKC was great - I kept bumping into a crew of them at different places in the city so I thought it was a sign...that I join the cult.

Serioulsy, 300 other knitters. in one room...knitting and laughing. It was great.