Friday, October 07, 2005

The foody view of Thanksgiving

Some back story to Thanksgiving with my clan - we always go up to the cottage to enjoy the leaves and the fresh air and food. Food plays an obscene role in the level of our enjoyment of the weekend.
Also, it's a holiday where the frenetic constant activity of the summer slows down to an slow meditative cigar smoking, scotch drinking session on the dock at sunset wrapped in blankets and sweaters.

Traditionally one of the daughters (me, Charlotte or Liz) have brought up new boyfriends to introduce them to our famdamily. Last year it was Pat's turn and two years ago it was Jason's.

These are my sisters and my brother "playing" better than we did when we were 11. I could be wrong, but I *believe* that Charlotte and Liz are pinning me down so that Dan could cover my mouth and blow in my nose - it's a patented Hendriks torture move that is SO FUCKING GROSS and funny. My revenge is this picture of Charlotte in A HAND KNIT PHENTEX TAM. I'm laughing out loud. right. now.

Thanksgiving is my favourite long weekend celebration. This email thread involving my siblings and our significant others explains why:

Email cc's: Myself, Charlotte, Liz, Pat (bfriend of Liz) and Dan

Me (To sisters and PIC): i'm going to st. lawrence on friday to pick up the bird etc. if you send me your list too i can pick up all the groceries and we can split everything 5 ways (it really is cheaper that way and we won't buy duplicates)

Liz: Have you let Dad know that you're buying the bird and such? I thought he kind of liked to do the meal? Can we try bqing it? Can we stuff it with the dried fruit again?
I'm already at school but will email you my groccery list tonight. I'm actually going to make one of the desserts here and bring with.

Charlotte: I think jens bought the bird for a while now. i thought we were going to try it on a spit? LOVED the dried fruit.

Jen: we got a new spit too!! can't wait...i have a new stuffing recipe that involves nuts, fruit and honey! sounds like cereal

Dan: Hold the group hug here! Are we confirmed on the Big Bird already? How about the deer I hit this morning? Hmmmm, hunting with trucks, more expensive but less walking.
Give it some thought. I've had at least a dozen people here in North Bay ask what I plan to do with the thing. Thanks D

Jason (aka PIC): If you are serious (I hadn't heard about the deer) it takes a good week for a butcher to properly treat the meat with spices and butcher it into steaks and chops. make sure they make some pepperettes too! So tasty!
Be sure to tell the insurance the deer hit you, not you hit the deer. It will save you on insurance.

Dude, your father would be proud.


Sue said...

Grrr.. I don't normally read hugely long posts but you're so HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I think your family sounds cool..! I shall not be enjoying turkey this year because this is the weekend I've chosen to get my Wisdom Teeth out. Quick, applaud for my wisdom (!!!) and, I guess my ability to hold my turkey cravings from last year.

Wish me luck though, I'm praying the wound heals fast so maybe I at least get to eat cranberry sauce.. yummmm..

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

kelly said...

So what I want to know, is does your sister's tam match that skating outfit you were telling me about :)

Enjoy some turkey for me will you? We had ours last Sunday, and bc I wasnt feeling so hot, got nowhere near enough bird.

mmmmbird...*ahem* ..that sounds wrong, but whatever ;)

aviva said...

we missed you at the family bird-fest over here. it was delicious. next week we'll have to time things better... you sound like you had a lovely weekend.